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Meet Zoe


Meet Zoe - she's a STAR here at Backstage! We recently asked Zoe to answer a few questions about some of her favorite memories here at Backstage. Check out her ADORABLE answers below! 

1. What do you love about coming to dance class?


Zoe: Learning the proper way to dance!

2. What's your favorite part about performing in The Nutcracker?

Zoe: The whole story of The Nutcracker

and ABSOLUTELY being a mouse on stage!


3. What's been your favorite recital dance so far?

Zoe: The Dance of the Dolls (Ms. Natalia's Ballet I dance, 2018), but I really like the others, too!​

4. What would you tell the other little girls who may be thinking about coming to their very first dance class? 

Zoe: I would tell them it's REALLY fun! And I would try to encourage them to come!

5. Do you think you'd like to keep dancing even when you're a grown up?

Zoe: Yes, I would love to!

6. What are you looking forward to this year in dance?

Zoe: I'm really excited about learning jazz from Ms. Shara even though I love ballet the most and want to be on pointe some day. ​

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