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Natalia Belen


Natalia is originally from Russia and moved to Houston, Texas in May 2014. She started her artistic career at eight years old in the Up Circus school for approximately nine years. She graduated as a juggler and acrobatic artist. After high school she studied at the College of Culture and Arts as a choreographer/teacher for three years. Natalia went on to Sports Academy Lesgaft in St. Petersburg for one year taking jazz modern dance. She worked with Dance Studio Image at various places throughout China as a dancer. She also worked at the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Blvd. Nikulin as a dancer with the Dance Theatre Favorite along with famous Russian artists. In 2015 Natalia received her Master's Degree in Folk Art Creativity/Artistic Director of Choreographic/Teacher from the University of Khabarovsk Culture and Art in Russia. She teaches ballet, folk dance, eurhythmics and jazz modern. Natalia is excited about joining the Backstage Dance Studio team. 


"Our daughter has attended her first two years of dance at Backstage Dance Studio and couldn't love it more. I truly believe that the amazing and talented instructors are one of a kind and love what they do.  They not only instill love for the art of dance but self-confidence, which is priceless. We look forward to many more years here and to watching our daughter develop a life enriching art."

—  Amanda Cano

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